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Host: Craig Rosenberg, Chief Analyst & Co-Founder

In this webinar, Craig will present the key components of Revenue Operations (RevOps), examples of the RevOps functions that are emerging inside world-class go-to-market organizations, and actionable recommendations on how to get started.

Key Topics Include:

  • Key attributes that describe a successful RevOps organization

  • Definitions for all critical elements in each RevOps category

  • Examples of how different organizations are standing up RevOps functions

Getting Better With Revenue Operations

The critical elements of a world-class RevOps organization

Craig Rosenberg, Chief Analyst

Craig Rosenberg combines 20+ years of sales and marketing experience with TOPO’s high-growth dataset to provide specific, actionable recommendations that drive predictable, scalable growth. He and his team support over 200 companies, ranging from the largest technology companies in the world to early-stage startups.