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Robert Lesser strategizes, architects and operationalizes revenue and sales processes at TOPO as a senior consultant. Prior to TOPO, Robert ran an account-based consultancy.  As a founder, Robert has sold sales enablement tools and marketing services to enterprise technology organizations and run demand generation programs as a marketer at Dell and IBM. Robert holds an MBA and Honors Bachelor of Commerce.

About the Host:

Robert Lesser

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Host: Robert Lesser, Senior Consultant, Sales Practice, TOPO

Guest: Michael Hargis, Sr. VP Commercial Operations and Business Development, Axiom

A revenue process approach, with its shared accountability for revenue and lifetime value beyond traditional silos, is becoming a must-have in this age of hyper-competition. Marketing, sales, customer success, account management, channel and retention processes are all managed to guide a customer’s experience across the entire lifecycle—and to drive consistent revenue at scale. When backed by a strong revenue operations function to coordinate execution, the result is a data-driven, end-to-end approach that enables better customer targeting, more flexibility, and greater coordination across functions. 

Our guest speaker, Michael Hargis from Axiom will share his experience on achieving company growth of 20% by expanding and aligning his team around a revenue operations model. Learn how a focus on people, process and technology enabled Axiom to scale.

Key Topics Include: 

  • Why build a revenue process and revenue operations function
  • How to structure revenue operations in your organization
  • How to get started on revenue operations

Doing Revenue Operations Right: 

How high growth organizations drive results with revenue process & operations