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HostChris Moody, Marketing Analyst, TOPO

Marketing leaders are encouraging their teams to increase the quantity and quality of leads and prospective accounts at the top of the funnel. Incremental changes in a commoditized environment will not allow teams to meet their goals. There is a series of major shifts in go-to-market (GTM) teams that align with the factors of marketing success and the biggest marketing challenges.

Key Topics Include: 

  • Demand generation is most responsible for marketing success and top priority
  • Managing multiple go-to-markets creates results and challenges
  • High-growth marketing teams measure further into the funnel

Marketing Leadership 2020

Successful strategies of successful marketing organizations

Chris Moody

Chris Moody studies the account based and demand generation market in TOPO's marketing practice. Prior to joining TOPO, Chris led content and digital teams for companies like GE, Oracle, and Red Hat. Chris is passionate about helping marketers generate revenue and be even more effective.