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Hosts: Eric Wittlake, Senior Marketing Analyst, TOPO

Intent data reveals the topics that companies are actively consuming across the web. This data may be collected from a single publisher such as TechTarget or from a broad array of sites such as Bombora. Significant increases in research about a specific topic can be used to identify companies that are actively researching new solutions.
The ability to identify which companies are most likely in the market for a solution today has made intent the fastest growing data category over the last two years, with use increasing from 28% to 62% in companies surveyed by TOPO.

The insights in this market guide can help organizations understand how to effectively harness intent data solutions and determine their next investment.

Key Takeaways

  • Intent data usage is growing rapidly. 
  • Intent data provides account insights. 
  • Intent is the most scalable source of timing data. 

Intent Data Market Guide Webinar

Eric Wittlake

Senior Marketing Analyst, TOPO

An overview of the third-party intent data solutions technology landscape

About the Host:

Eric Wittlake leads TOPO’s account based strategy research. He works directly with revenue and marketing leaders to drive growth through repeatable best practices that increase customer value, improve customer acquisition, and drive expansion.