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About the Host:

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Host: Chris Moody, Senior Marketing Analyst

Organizations that have the most success in driving prospect engagement are those where cross-functional teams come together to create and execute offers that are so compelling and relevant that prospects consider it worth their time to engage. In this webinar, Chris will present TOPO’s High Value Offer tool which helps organizations build extremely valuable, prospect-focused meetings or experiences that drive engagement and progress deals to the next stage.

Key Topics Include:

  • Leverage high value offers to secure a meeting with prospects. 

  • Focus offer content around key prospect challenges. 

  • Bring together cross-functional teams from marketing, sales, and sales development to develop high value offers.

High Value Offer

Increase your number of sales meetings by targeting prospects with engaging offers

Chris Moody

Chris Moody studies demand generation and account based. His areas of expertise also include go-to-market strategy, integrated marketing, marketing leadership, marketing and sales alignment, marketing measurement, and content marketing—all with a strong bias towards revenue creation.