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Eric Wittlake studies the account based market in TOPO’s marketing practice. Prior to joining TOPO, he spent more than 15 years creating and executing demand generation, marketing, and advertising programs for B2B (and a few B2C) companies.

About the Hosts:

Eric Wittlake

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  • Eric Wittlake, Senior Marketing Analyst, TOPO
  • Dan Gottlieb, Sales Analyst, TOPO

TOPO surveyed over 350 marketing, sales, and sales development organizations to better understand the impact of the Coronavirus on pipeline and what organizations are doing to offset its impact. Attend this webinar to hear the results first-hand and what you can do in a time of uncertainty.

Key Topics Include: 

  • What impact teams expect the Coronavirus to have on their ability to create pipeline
  • How the Coronavirus is currently impacting pipeline creation
  • What teams are doing to offset the impact of the Coronavirus

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Impact Webinar: 

The Impact of the Coronavirus And What Marketing and Sales Are Doing About It

Dan Gottlieb

Dan Gottlieb helps sales, marketing, and sales development leaders adopt the patterns and plays of high-growth companies. In addition to supporting his clients, he conducts trend research for the sales development, sales enablement, and sales teams. He’s spent the last 10 years supporting some of the world’s fastest growing companies with a deep background in B2B tech sales.