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HostCraig Rosenberg, Chief Analyst, TOPO

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis has brought rapid and disruptive changes in a manner that we have never experienced before. Organizations are urgently revising business plans and forecasts in the face of this crisis. As these plans come together, this unexpected disruption has created a new set of strategic considerations for sales and marketing. 

These five strategic changes are: 

  1. Re-analyze your target markets
  2. Re-allocate resources to high-value segments
  3. Offer extreme value with every customer interaction
  4. Change marketing and sales tactics
  5. Re-design your organization for the new environment

Craig Rosenberg, Chief Analyst

Craig Rosenberg combines 20+ years of sales and marketing experience with TOPO’s high-growth dataset to provide specific, actionable recommendations that drive predictable, scalable growth. He and his team support over 200 companies, ranging from the largest technology companies in the world to early-stage startups.

Revise sales and marketing plans to target highest value segments as a result of the global pandemic

COVID-19: 5 Strategic Sales and Marketing Imperatives