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Phoebe Conybeare supports TOPO marketing and sales development clients by facilitating client diagnostics and supporting research in both practices. She has scaled global B2B tech marketing and sales development teams for high-growth companies with an obsessive focus on account based strategy and orchestration.

About the Host:

Phoebe Conybeare

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Who: Phoebe Conybeare, Analyst, Sales Development and Marketing Practice

Sales development teams spend their time communicating with prospects to understand their specific challenges, qualify them as a potential customer for the solution, and schedule a meeting with sales. The more they know about the specific personas that they are communicating with, the more relevant their messaging becomes and the more successful that they will be at achieving all three of their objectives.

A well-crafted buyer persona, especially one with actionable challenges and corresponding benefit statements, serves as SDR building blocks for persona storytelling. These statements can be inserted into all touchpoints of the prospecting process. It is critical that SDRs learn and understand buyer personas, but being able to translate these documents into valuable conversations is the fundamental core of their job.

Key Topics Include: 

  • How to build a buyer persona focused on not just title, but role
  • How to use the language of the prospect to be more actionable
  • Why buyer personas are a key part of sales enablement

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